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The street fighter IV

Posted: February 10, 2012 by inkytheobvious in iOS, Reviews
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(Above:-the street fighter start screen)

Today I am reviewing street fighter IV, on the iPhone, this is a side scrolling fighter brought to you by capcom.

(above:- capcom logo)

I Found that this game is graphically pleasing, and I also found the gaming aspect enjoyable. I also found that the training aspect also helped my skill with in the game it’s self, which adds a helpful extra for when you go into multiplayer mode.

(above and below:- training menu and results of training)

I did not play multiplayer that often, I don’t currently have a stable connection, so when I do you’re welcome to fight with me.

(above:- match VS screen)
Unlike my bad experience with golden axe where the Dpad got in the way of the game playability, this games Dpad has an option for you to change the location of the buttons. Which made my day, not only the button but the joy stick can be moved.

(above & below:- buttons layout)

(above:- multiplayer match my opponent was good but I was better.)
After each fight you have an option to where you can save your game replays of hitch it is recorded onto the games application, I found this interesting because you can see how you improve.

(above :- KO Below:- match result and time it took the small camera is to save the match video)
The only down side is this game is a very basic fighter game, and a old game that’s just been updated, even though it’s been updated well non-the less updated.

(Above:- the end screen for Cammy when you’ve done all the preset matches)

I give this game a rating purely based on its playability of 4/5
Thanks for reading any comments of what you think to the game please leave below, next time I will be doing a interview with the game designers fresh coffee media, and writing my thoughts on there game “Dude! That’s cool!”
Thanks for reading

(Above: the games main menu)

So today I am going to be reviewing need for speed shift 2 (aka NFS Shift2) brought to you by EA (creators of The sims, sims2 & sims3). I have played the need for speed series before but not on my phone on the GameCube and Ian still playing need for speed underground 2.

(Above: EAs logo)

I must admit I didn’t realise that this is number 18 out of 19 games that share the same title, which makes me ask the question “EA haven’t had a better idea than this game, so have they’ve turned it into a cash cow?”

(Above: this is a loading screen, these aren’t as long and arduous like it was back on the playstation one platform)

Now comparing this game with the others in the series I can not do seeing as the last game I played within the series is need for speed underground and underground2 on the GameCube.
So I am just looking at it as a handheld platform.

(Above: this layout reminded me of GranTrismo)

I found that this game is very player friendly, menus are easy to follow and use, the way it flows reminds me a little of GrandTrismo for the Playstation.
You can change the controls, the car colours and a whole multitude of things within the game.

(Above: I am uncertain if you can change your player view but this is how I drive in most driving games, you can see a yellow line that represents the middle of the device and you tilt. The green arrow is where the game thinks you should be driving….This annoyed me!)

What I do not like is all these controls in the game that babies you, assisted turning, breaking & race line you can turn these off, but surely I should not have to turn them off rather turn them on. I don’t like the fact it automatically hass these things on at the start of your game play.

(Above: my cars window shield got. Pebble dashed and I was impressed by this.)

I also do not like the fact that EA keep trying to push there own cloud gaming service Origin on me after every race I complete, and every time I enter the game.

(above: see that orange button? Well that will light up and ask you the question above, and I already have I live & steam why do I need more?)

The graphics are mind bogglingly good for a handheld game it looked fantastic when I pushed it onto my tv via the apple tv, my other half thought I was on a consol.

(Above & Below: are in preface plaits mic views of the track, you don’t really see the view as your trying to race.)

All in all I an see the essence of the older underground series with the interchangeable parts to the cars and the racing, but it has come a long way and evolved into a GrandTrismo-esk type of game

(Above: your stats given to you after every race.)

I enjoyed this game once I got rid of all the bubble wrapping of assisted breaking , race line and any other annoyances such as automatic gears.
I found myself getting very competive, and it’s a game that needs a persons full consentration.

(Above: in game purchase for this game, shameful)

I give it 3.5 stars out of 5, even though it’s good I do feel EA need to invest in making a different title instead of turning it into a cash cow. Heads up for parents there is a in game purchase option where you buy money to spend in game for car upgrades.

(above: what the people on the app store have to say about this game).

Next review is going to be on sketch pad pro (for my iPad), trippinfest & drawcast, as you can tell these are paint/photo applications for your device.

Leave your comments below and your impressions of the game too.

Yours InkyTheObvious

(above: Golden axe title screen below: Golden axe menu)


Gaming has come a long way since I was a kid, I started on a Nintendo game boy with teris & later doctor mario, I’m talking about the chunky grey gameboy with purple buttons. I also had saga mega drive with cannon fodder, golden axe, dessert strike, fantasia, sonic & knuckles, sonic 3D and sonic the hedgehog. 


(above: Character  select screen you can choose from the dwarf, warrior or amazon.
Normally I choose the dwarf based on his axe or the amazon based on her magic giving  me an awesome dragon attack).

So when I was told, one of my favourite classic games could be brought and played on my iPhone I instantly got it, as well as a couple of other saga classics, I also decided I’d get some arcade classics like PAC-Man, androids and space invaders.


(above: the PAC-MAN title screen)

The arcade classics they couldn’t of messed that up and PAC-man has been available on dumb phones for a while, so transferring them to a smart phone, tablet or any touch screen device, isn’t going to present too much of a problem for these games. So what about golden axe and the other saga 16bit games I hear myself cry????

(above: pac-man game play using the dpad function, no problems plays like the arcade version does.)
well as a child I found golden axe a challenge, I hated the level where you’re flying on the back of an eagle because of the mud men, so I knew the game well I have beaten it down a lot.
So I thought I’d happily re-live my golden axe days and do the same on my iPhone beat the game and be like “I enjoyed that”.


(above: as you can see I am playing the amazon and the guys that drop the magic kept getting under my attack button, so I couldn’t have my magic.)
Sadly the iPhone let me down with the dpad set up, which then let the game down, which then made me a sad sad adult who was whining more than any other child in the house.
I couldn’t get passed the first stage boss fight. I couldn’t even see who I was fighting the dpad is set up so my fat fingers would be in the way of the screen and all the action seeming happened where my fingers where. 


(above & below: this is the first level boss, as I said the problem with the game is the npc(non player characters) kept going to the right hand side of the screen where the dpad is placed. I normally beat these with extreme ease on the mega drive but now I couldn’t even get passed this level I had three game overs before I thought “I’m getting angry”.)


Also I found myself bashing the phone screen excessively hard because i was so certain that the only reason I was getting beaten was because the buttons did not react to me at all.


(above: my favourite part of the game riding the lizard that tail whips the bad guys out of the way!)

So in conclusion Golden Axe did not translate very well to the device i was playing it on, even though it is a classic and a game I do still enjoy to this day, so what I am essentially saying is I have better dust down my mega drive and play it on that.


(above: this is the app store image looks like the game sells for £1.99, as I’ve said below I’m not going to rate this game as I am a big fan of the original)

Golden axe is one of my favourites games on the saga so if I score it I will be biased, so I am not going to.

Next review is going to be on Need For Speed shift 2 (or NFS Shift2) on IOS (iPhone).

Leave your comments below and your impressions of the game too.

Yours inkytheobvious