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The street fighter IV

Posted: February 10, 2012 by inkytheobvious in iOS, Reviews
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(Above:-the street fighter start screen)

Today I am reviewing street fighter IV, on the iPhone, this is a side scrolling fighter brought to you by capcom.

(above:- capcom logo)

I Found that this game is graphically pleasing, and I also found the gaming aspect enjoyable. I also found that the training aspect also helped my skill with in the game it’s self, which adds a helpful extra for when you go into multiplayer mode.

(above and below:- training menu and results of training)

I did not play multiplayer that often, I don’t currently have a stable connection, so when I do you’re welcome to fight with me.

(above:- match VS screen)
Unlike my bad experience with golden axe where the Dpad got in the way of the game playability, this games Dpad has an option for you to change the location of the buttons. Which made my day, not only the button but the joy stick can be moved.

(above & below:- buttons layout)

(above:- multiplayer match my opponent was good but I was better.)
After each fight you have an option to where you can save your game replays of hitch it is recorded onto the games application, I found this interesting because you can see how you improve.

(above :- KO Below:- match result and time it took the small camera is to save the match video)
The only down side is this game is a very basic fighter game, and a old game that’s just been updated, even though it’s been updated well non-the less updated.

(Above:- the end screen for Cammy when you’ve done all the preset matches)

I give this game a rating purely based on its playability of 4/5
Thanks for reading any comments of what you think to the game please leave below, next time I will be doing a interview with the game designers fresh coffee media, and writing my thoughts on there game “Dude! That’s cool!”
Thanks for reading

The Arty Apps

Posted: January 30, 2012 by inkytheobvious in iOS, Reviews
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Todays reviews are on sketch pad pro (on my iPad), trippingfest & drawcast, these are paint/photo applications for your device.

(Above: sketchbook pro’s opening image Below: drawcast and tripping fest application icon, they didn’t have a fancy start picture like above, just ignore the folder they’re in with.)

Today I decided to review some drawing & art applications, because my phone an other iDevices can be used for much more than just gaming, plus us nerds don’t just game.


(Above: drawing done on the trippingfest application. Below: sketch of a koi carp on drawcast application.)


I have these applications on my iPhone so I can create sketches or doodles on the go, there are a lot of sketch apps out there but these two worked well for me. I do have sketch pad pro for my iPad and so far nothing works as well as that does on the iPad for me, if you have found an app that you find that you’re able to create beautiful work please link me below.


(Above: a quick sketch in sketch pad pro.)

Let’s start with sketch pad pro


(Above: working in sketch pad pro you can choose tools colours and draw away)
I have found that dynamically this looks and feels alot like photo shop but made for the touch screen.
It has muliti gestures to zoom, change tools and use the undo button.
There is a vast range of colours, textures and painting unensils, it also seeming adjusts the line to how much pressure I use on screen. It also have layers and options to flatten them and so on like I said before its a tablet version of photoshop.


(Above: a portrait drawn on the right is of my sister on the left, done in sketch pad, I used my phone as the photo reference and drawn on a new page.)

I found it easy to use, but it took a lot of practise to achieve the effects I wanted, I found that using my finger as well as the stylus I got that was adapted for the iPad helped me feel like I was drawing more on paper than a screen.

(Above: landscape I was working on above)

    Next is drawcast

I found drawcast just by accident, I was looking for an animation application (which I have found), and I found this.

(Above: brush selection & colour chooser)

In this application you can do so much, it has layers so you can draw on three tiers which is awesome because I can do my shading on the middle tier, lining on the top, and make the back ground into anything I want.

(Above: blur selection)

I have this application on my iPhone because its logically the best place to do a quick doodle idea, then save that image and transfer it over to the iPad and go back and draw it out there. It is also very Eco friendly instead of using paper I use this. I am not saying this is going to replace paper 100% but I am saying that you’re less likely to chuck away what you’ve drawn on your iDevice .

(Above: sketch in drawcast unfinished, and you can see all the other button.)

The only thing that makes me use this application less is the amount of adverts shoved in my face with in it. I know it’s a free application, and they need to make money somewhere. I think I wouldn’t of minded to pay for this if they chucked in some extra layers and some more brush styles.

(Above: the layer selection, as you can see there is only three and unlike sketch pad pro where you can have multiple layers, this limits you.)

Finally Trippingfest

(Above: one of the many drawing I have made in this application, it’s addictive drawing in this way.)

I fell in love with the light version and got the full version, it’s something amazingly simple, yet fantastically effective.

(Above: the main drawing screen, the buttons are all around)

This drawing application works on the colidoscope theory, one line is reflected and copied parallel to the opposite side.

(Above:the mirror selection, my advice is to play around with these as they give different effect on the image.)

You have so many brushes to choose from (patterns), as well as colours and variations you can create an amazing range of images with this application.

(Above: the colour options are just as mind blogging in choice.)

I play with this application a lot I think it’s the best way to interact with the application and to pick up how it works best for you.

(Above: colour burned and different colour mixes with mirror mixed up you can make so many interesting designs.

Marks out of 5star

Sketchbook pro gets gets 5/5 because I feel that this application is the best drawing application of its type, but it is at its best on the iPad.

(Above: what you’d expect to see in the iPad AppStore.)

Drawcast only gets 3/5 because in using it I feel it is only good for doodling and I can not see myself using it as much as sketch book for completing my drawings.

(Above: the review from the AppStore on drawcast.)

Trippingfest gets 4/5 because it is awesome to use and dynamically fantastic, would have been a five if I could have had a iPad version of it.

(Above: Trippingfest in the AppStore.)

Next review is going to be on the Monster Colouring Book.

Leave your comments below and your impressions of the game too.

Yours InkyTheObvious

ShadowGun Review (iOS)

Posted: January 9, 2012 by jakejaylee in iOS, Reviews
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Funny enough, we gave this game 3 Games Of The Year and never reviewed it as the site was in down time. First of all this is a review of the main single player game not the add-on or the promised multiplayer. Also view this as proof that I’m not done with the site, I’m just part time these days.

Let’s get it out of the way, this is a great looking game, if not the best looking non-Unreal Engine 3 game on the iOS. The game is more or less a cover based shooter in the vain of Gears Of War on the XBox, however what is weird is that the game has a superb level design to top off those sexy as hell graphics.

The story is a bit B-Movie, but at least it’s not trying to be a clone game (see Gameloft) and yes the story isn’t the greatest, but it does drive the story with a little twist towards the end. The shock comes in the form that the voice acting is one of the best I have ever seen in a non-high end console game. The lead is superb, the support is sarcastic and witty while the main big bad sounds over the top and camp. To be fair he turns it into a Evil Dead to The Army Of Darkness in the world of silly comedy.

There are some brilliant set pieces, like being chased by a massive driller-thing. There are also collectables which add extra content to the storyline.These don’t really make you want to replay the game, but it’s there if you want that 100% complete or those Game Centre achievements.

The question still hangs over this game, it’s trying to be a console game in the mobile space. Well we gave it 3 Game Of The Year awards and said that this was the future of mobile gaming. Mad Finger has released a Add-On pack, an extra 4 mission a new gun and Bad. Some great new voice acting and short story. There’s talk of a multiplayer on the way- everything this game can do is still coming. The Add-On Pack will be review later…

Overall The game is superb, great story, great acting and some of the best game flow you’ll ever play however and yes, there’s a however, it’s short. I took between 4-6 hours to beat the game and yes I know, I’m a “hardcore” gamer but this is something I have heard from many people that it’s a little short, still it’s worth the cost and Mad Finger should be supported, at least they ain’t just keeping to one game and adding numbers at the end on a never ending love affair (see Activision)

Score: 95%