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The street fighter IV

Posted: February 10, 2012 by inkytheobvious in iOS, Reviews
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(Above:-the street fighter start screen)

Today I am reviewing street fighter IV, on the iPhone, this is a side scrolling fighter brought to you by capcom.

(above:- capcom logo)

I Found that this game is graphically pleasing, and I also found the gaming aspect enjoyable. I also found that the training aspect also helped my skill with in the game it’s self, which adds a helpful extra for when you go into multiplayer mode.

(above and below:- training menu and results of training)

I did not play multiplayer that often, I don’t currently have a stable connection, so when I do you’re welcome to fight with me.

(above:- match VS screen)
Unlike my bad experience with golden axe where the Dpad got in the way of the game playability, this games Dpad has an option for you to change the location of the buttons. Which made my day, not only the button but the joy stick can be moved.

(above & below:- buttons layout)

(above:- multiplayer match my opponent was good but I was better.)
After each fight you have an option to where you can save your game replays of hitch it is recorded onto the games application, I found this interesting because you can see how you improve.

(above :- KO Below:- match result and time it took the small camera is to save the match video)
The only down side is this game is a very basic fighter game, and a old game that’s just been updated, even though it’s been updated well non-the less updated.

(Above:- the end screen for Cammy when you’ve done all the preset matches)

I give this game a rating purely based on its playability of 4/5
Thanks for reading any comments of what you think to the game please leave below, next time I will be doing a interview with the game designers fresh coffee media, and writing my thoughts on there game “Dude! That’s cool!”
Thanks for reading