Monster Colouring Book for iOS

Posted: February 1, 2012 by inkytheobvious in iOS, Reviews
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(Above: the start screen Below: the about page tells you all about the creators.)

As I have written before I am a parent of two, and I am always looking something that’s creative for them to use on the iPad or my phone, they do have a ton of educational applications, as well as interactive children’s art applications.

(Above: picture selection of monsters)

So today’s review will be on the monster colouring book, which I had to admit I was not expecting the monsters to be so cute. I was expecting scary monsters, but these fellas “aww!”

(Above: different creature types make this interesting.)

You can choose what monster you want to colour in, you then can colour, stamp or fill the chosen creature it. How very simple, there is a help page for if you get stuck.

(Above: the colouring in menus and image I’m working on.)

(Above: is the help page)

Then once you are happy with your creation you can send it to a wireless printer, email it, or save it to your phone.

(Above: I saved it to my phone)

(Above: is the gallery view of the application.)

I have found this application a lot of fun, but my children prefer it on the iPad rather than the iPhone. It’s all to do with screen revenue, because some of the smaller details are harder to fill on the iPhone.

(Above: my finished picture I call him mr bike)

It’s good clean fun, Eco friendly but it doesn’t beat the old fashioned crayons and paper, but that’s my opinion.
I am not rating this application, because it is what it is a digital colouring book. If you do get this application I’d like to hear your thoughts below, and any colouring you have done.

(Above: the AppStore description)

My next review is going to be on street fighter IV.

Don’t forget to Leave your comments below and your impressions of the application too.

Yours InkyTheObvious

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